A Simple Trick for Achieving Success

I’ve only been in the working world for a handful of years, and I don’t quite consider myself truly successful.  I’ve definitely participated in my fair share of mistakes, lack of confidence and awkward conversations near the water cooler.  Nevertheless, I’ve noticed something different about people who I consider successful versus those that I don’t or the ones that I find just pretending.

Often, in the consulting world, we are taught little tricks to help us act more like a ‘consultant.’. If we’re not acting differently then why should our clients pay us the big bucks?  One of the tricks that I learned in one of my first years was to prevent giving away all of my candy too soon.  In the case of a consultant, the candy equaled our knowledge and experience from past projects.  If we taught the client everything we know in the first week then why would they continue to hire us in the weeks to come?

In the consulting industry, there is a pertinent reason for following this advice and, in many cases, it is certainly a valid approach.  However, if we follow this rationale and, essentially, covet all of our ideas, aren’t we really just giving into our fear of losing them?

I’ve come across many secrets and tips throughout my six years post-college life, but the most simple and important one is actually this: share your knowledge with people.  All of it.  I know that it’s a scary thought – perhaps one of the scariest ones in the working world – if I give away all of my candy, why would a company pay me?  But, my answer to that question is this: because they need you to make more.

If you give away all of your ideas, naturally your mind will want to find more, discover more, learn more.  Isn’t this practice what makes us more well-rounded and knowledgeable people?  When something in our lives is empty, we need to find a way to fill it up.  So, give away your secrets, tips and knowledge and then fill yourself up with more theories, more research, more talents.  The world needs you as an idea giver, not a hoarder.

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High Five for Friday!

Happy Friday!  When I looked back at my pictures from this week, I had to laugh from the craziness of them all.  I live a really exciting life.  I hope that you enjoy them as much as I did!

1. My cousin graduated from nursing school a couple of weeks ago so we all pulled together to help throw her a graduation party!  This is a picture of me with my cousin (middle) and her nursing friend (Allie.)

2. I’ve been craving Caesar salads lately.  (If you know me well, you know that I go through weird phases of craving the same food for weeks straight and then I’ll make myself sick by the thought of eating another bite of it.)  Totally normal.  Anyways, I’ve been making the salad a little healthier by removing the cheese and croutons and using this Paleo/gluten free/sugar free/dairy free salad dressing.  It’s amazing – at least for another week! ;)

3. I got stuck at work late this week so I performed a couple workouts in my condo with the timer on my phone.  During one of my mobility exercises, I snapped a pic of the timer, which luckily stopped on my birth date / one of my lucky numbers.  I think I need to play the lottery!

4. I was excited to receive not one, but two packages this week in direct connection with my blog.  I already wrote about my Vox Box review; you’ll have to check back later for details on the other shipment!

5. The ridiculous antics of my family always crack me up – especially when it’s super random.  I love that we are frequently on the same wave length.  Swearing is in reference to the Hangover movies… sorry kids!

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